Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Stitch From Stash

Month: September
Spent: $12.75
Earned:  $0.00
Budget:  $25.00 + $39  - 12.75 = $51.25

This has not been my month!  I got sick around Labor day and I have been struggling with allergies all month.  I finally went to the doctor today and found out that I have Acute Bronchitis and Sinus issues!  I actually have to have an inhaler!  Not to mention one of my fur babies went over the rainbow bridge this month.  So I haven't really felt like stitching, I just felt like sitting in my chair relaxing.  I finished 1/2 of a page on my Faery Tale HAED project.   

I did purchase something this month.  While HAED was having their Labor Day sale, I couldn't resist this design!!!!   Not sure when I will ever get to it but really....this just screamed my name!!!!!

I bought both these magazines in July and they finally arrived this month!  So excited to get stitchy mail that doesn't count against me!!!!   I have found so many projects I want to stitch!!!

That's all for this month!  Here's hoping that October will be a better month!


Heather said...

Great new stash! I love the owl design and my next purchase will be Evil Queen. I'm sorry things haven't been going well but I hope they get better. I'm sorry about your loss :(

Linda said...

Faery Tales looks great Vickie. Love your new stash.


Keebles said...

Faery Tales is coming along though...but I know what you mean about not feeling up to doing anything. I have asthma, so inhalers are a way of life, but more so during this time of year.

Good luck with Mal...I've had a terrible time with her!

I bought that same Halloween book...about two-thirds through, do you have about five pages doubled? I was flipping through it and I got to that part and all of a sudden I was all like, "didn't I just see that pattern", and sure enough, I had a repeat of pages. Guess it's better to extra pages instead of missing them!