Monday, October 19, 2015

Preening Pixie Update along with some life events

Tink is looking amazing!!!!   I spent this week working on her when I wasn't falling asleep in my chair!!!  Dear Lord, I am turning into my Granny Liz.   I sit down in my chair and next thing I know I am sound asleep.  The sad thing is my husband will just go to bed and leave me in my chair.  I wake up and realize he left everything on and is sound asleep in bed.  He tells me he doesn't want to bother me so he just goes to bed....

This was posted on facebook this week and I have to say that I would LOVE a personal chef!!!!   I would love to come home to a nice dinner that someone else has to cook for me.  Which would you choose???

This box of cereal just jumped into my buggy at Walmart.  I have no idea how this happened but it did.   I have to say it was really yummy when I had a bowl earlier tonight.   

Love my new cutting board!!!  It was craft fair weekend in Northwest Arkansas so I just had to check out a few on Saturday.  

I also found this amazing seam ripper for when that pesky frog comes for a visit!!!!!   I actually had to use it last night and it feels great when using it!  My hands didn't cramp at all.  The woodworker designed it for his granny who loved to sew but had arthritis in her hands.  It was $8.00....well worth the price.

Tusk and Bert have been pretty close these past few weeks since Jag has been gone.  Usually, it was jag who cuddled with Tusk but now Bert has taken over this job.

I collect Disney popcorn buckets and this is the new one that just came out.  I had to order it through my disney personal shopper.  Tracey has a part time job of going to the parks and picking up items for people for a small fee and then mail them to you.  

I found the following two paintings in a Victorian Magazine.  I just think the are beautiful and would make gorgeous cross stitch designs!!!!   What do you think????



Priscila Ponto Cruz said...

Tinkerbell!! How cute!!
Greetings from Brazil,

Sew Wilde said...

Tinkerbell is looking good! I love the two pics you found-they would look lovely in cross-stitch.


Linda said...

Tink looks great Vickie. I love your Mickey cutting board and popcorn tin. I would chose a maid.


Heather said...

Gorgeous paintings! I should get a job like that! Lovely stitching as well :). I'd have to probably get either a personal chef or a maid. Or a live in masseuse! Probably chef though I'd get more use out of them.

Keebles said...

I'm a Boo-Berry girl myself, so that's yet another reason to love Halloween because it's the only time you can get them!

I just picked up the same popcorn bucket at Disneyland (minus the popcorn-one of my top five worst smells ever) and I'm so excited for it to make it back! Hopefully, the box I shipped it home in will be in tomorrow, but you never know.

And both of those would make amazing stitch pictures, especially if they are framed and matted as a set! How gorgeous!