Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!   I had a wonderful one!  It was strange since it was 70 degrees with no chance of snow anywhere!    So those of you who had snow for Christmas...I am jealous.   Right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve I was able to snap this cute photo of Bert waiting for Santa!!

If you are wondering how I am spending my Christmas break...I am working on Santa!!!!  My goal is to have him finished by the time I go back to school in January!!!!!  Below you will find a couple more charts that I am planning to stitch....but before get to see my family!!!!!

The only time I can get my hubby to take a picture is a major holiday....I just love this one of us!!!!   We feel so tall because my mom has a small tree!

This is me with my Grandpa.  He celebrated his 89th birthday this year!!!  

This is my lovely mom!!!

Here is my family on my dad's side.  My brother is standing behind me, my sister is beside dad is wearing the red hat, my uncle is standing behind my grandpa...the others are my niece and nephew!

In case you haven't heard, Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) has had designer Aimee Stewart design this amazing chart.  It is titled "A Stitch in Time"  It should be ready for purchase by the first of the year.   I have this on my I gotta have it now list!!!  The detail is amazing!!!!  The designer said she divided it by seasons.  There is a Facebook group devoted to this design as a SAL.   

My hubby bought me this amazing purse for Christmas!!  Does he know me or what???  I had no idea!   it was a shock!

Finally,  I woke up on Christmas Eve to find this chart had been gifted to me!!!    I plan on stitching it for my niece.  She loves teddy bears!  

I will do a final post for 2015 on Thursday.  Thank you for all the comments!!!!  

BTW....What stitching challenges are out there this year?????


cucki said...

MY dear I love your Santa stitching so much.
You looking so lovely ...all your family puctures are so sweet..
Lovely gift from your hubby...
Happy new year..xx

Faith... said...

Very nice family pictures! Are you joining the SAL? Good luck with stitching it up; it does look very nice. Good luck finishing the snowman.

Tiffstitch said...

Great photos and glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Good luck with Santa. I'm doing the Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January/February challenge and there's a Facebook group. I'm also doing a couple SALs, Mabel Figworthy's Fancies and KLT Charting. I don't know about any others.

Heather said...

Congrats it looks great! Beautiful new goodies :)

Linda said...

Great family photos Vickie. Love your new charts. Santa is looking awesome. You can join me and a few other crazies for the Year of Starts next year.


Meari said...

Great family photos, Vickie! Looks like you had a nice Christmas. Nice progress on Santa.

Marie said...

Your Santa is beautiful.
Lovely pictures of your family.
Such a special gift from your DH. It looks like you had a great holiday