Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Visit to the Biltmore - Bottom Floor- post 1

My friend Andrea and I went to Chapel Hill North Carolina and we made a stop at Asheville to visit the Biltmore House.  She had never seen it and I loved seeing it again!  This year they let you take I will be doing about 3 or 4 posts over this house!!  There are no words!  They were doing a Romance Showing of Wedding dresses and I will post those pictures in a later!  They are worth it!

Since they were focused on Romance the entry way to the house has a big cake with a rose Chandelier 

I am not sure what it called but I call it the Plant room!!!

As Stitchers, I know you will appreciate all the tapestries.   I found out that they were woven in the 1500's with metal strips going vertical and horizontal so they would not crumble apart!!!!  How cool???

This is the formal dining room...the table can expand to host 60 people!!!!

Breakfast room

Love how they used fabrics on the ceilings:

Music room!

Hallway to the library which had several sitting areas..those weren't as interesting as the tapestries! 

 the Library!!  The room of my dreams!!!

this fireplace is in the room of the tapestries!   I am just too lazy to move it!

This is the first floor of the Biltmore!  these pictures do not do it justice!


Kaisievic said...

Oh, my goodness - such a stunning house! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

Meari said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Sarah Lindfield said...

Gorgeous !!!

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures!

Heather said...

Gorgeous pictures!