Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Victorian Winter Finish!!!

Here it is!!! Victorian Winter!  I finally finished it!!!  So happy!   I have 3 UFO's left and they are all HAEDS!!! LOL!!!

Someone posted this OOP Mirabilia Villa on a stash for sale page for $70!!  OMG!!   Of course, I fell in love with it but I REFUSE to pay $70.  I am now on the hunt for this design. Anyone know where I could find one that is on the reasonable side???  


This months fitness challenge was a bracket type challenge.  I had to:
1) do 100 squats in  minutes - done
2) Climb the fitness Center steps 10 times (there are 30 by the way) Done
3) Bike on the stationary bike 20 minutes - not done  I hate the stationary bike it makes my butt hurt
4) Walk/Run a 5K -  Gibbs, Brigen and I did this..... thought I was going to have carry Gibbs the last leg of the walk
5) Bike from the square to park by my house (5 miles) walk around the lake (1.8) miles and then bike back to the square (5 LONG miles) - finished took me 2 hours and 20 minutes!!  

Here is the bike I rented for $5.00 for half a day.  It was fun to ride and push around the lake and up the hills!!!!

Here I am at the end of the ride!!!  Never so happy to see that sign!

ah....look at this picture!! It popped up on my memories feed of facebook.  Look how little Gibbs is!!!

Decided to get some new sparkly shoes for winning teacher of the year!!!  I deserve them!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What an honor!!!!

As many of you know I teach High School and have been teaching for 18 years!!!!  I have mentioned that my school is rather large, 4500 students along with 300 plus teachers on campus.  Teachers are divided by department, and I am in the special education department...I got an email on Thursday letting me know that my Department voted me as TEACHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!  I was shocked!!!!!

I do share this honor with 7 other teachers, and the powers that be will pick one of us 7 to be the schools Teacher of the year!  But wow!!  What an honor from my co-workers!!!

Just had to share my news!!!!   My next stitching update will be a finish!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I celebrated my 44th birthday on February 20th.  I know...late post....I am getting used this being late thing!!!  Here are some of my birthday pictures!!!  At the bottom you can see all the Stitchy items I bought for myself!!

Me and my Hubby
 We went to an escape room....we didn't escape.  We were looking for a double agent in the CIA and we didn't locate the bomb in

We went to my favorite burger place....HUGO'!!!!   Those fries are the best I have eaten!!!!!!  Bleu cheese 'shroom burger!!!!

Look at little me!!!!!! 

On to the stitching!!
I decided to treat myself to some new charts!!  I cashed in a $100 Amazon Gift card I won from watching a lot of videos from Swagbucks.  Easiest $100 that I have earned.... I also spent $55 on my own cash on Etsy as a Happy Birthday to me!!!  I haven't really bought new charts/kits in a really long time so I treated myself.   I had 4 Disney kits delivered today...I am posting their amazon stock photo because I Just can't get a good shot tonight.  The ornament kits were all less than $10 a piece and I couldn't resist them!!!

Pinocchio and friends 
Cinderella and Friends

Robin Hood and Pooh

Peter Pan and Friends

So here are the charts from Amazon I am waiting on:

Beauty and the Beast II

Beauty and Beast

I also did some Etsy shopping for some Soda Stitch charts and they are coming from Korea.....I ordered them on February 15.....I am sure they will arrive any day now!!!

Village in Faery Tales



Sky Blue Street

Santa's village 2
What do you think of my Birthday presents to myself????