Sunday, February 19, 2017

Year of Starts week 7 with a finish!!!!

It's Sunday and I am posting!!!!   Thank you for all your well wishes with me passing my test.  I am so thrilled!  Tomorrow is my 44th birthday.  My family is taking me to Olive Garden for dinner which I am excited about!  The flu is running rampant in my school and I have been sending students to the nurse right and left.  I have such a week immune system this year that I stayed home on Friday.  I slept all afternoon.

It seems the consensus is that borders count as I will stitch them as they come along.  I have a finish to show!!!!   I finished the January portion of the Cloudsfactory Fabulous Women SAL. I need to add some beads to the chandelier. I gave Mrs. Roosevelt's chair an extra leg.  The pattern didn't call for it but it looked  strange with only 1 leg.  Now I need to start February's (that will be this next week!!!)

I was smart this week....before I put a project up this week, I took a picture of it!!!!

Here are my starts:

A whole new world part 2

Disney Dreams Cinderella ornament 2 - Lucifer

Mill Hill Village:  Clock Shoppe

Mill Hill Village: Through the Woods

I restarted my Stitchy Box Quaker Cakes:  The designer created this border after I had started so I just changed the fabric.  I am stitching the outer border in Carrie Creations: Blue Berry Pie.  The individual Cake borders are with a thread that is in the cake.  

Mill Hill Village:  Village Bakery

Brookes Books: February cupcake  (the 2nd one)

That is my starts for this week!   I have some new stash that I want to show you so I will post those later this week.  I really have to stop saying "Me Please" on the stash unload.  I figure I can say it until my husband says "enough cross stitch shopping this month"  We will see when that happens!!!! LOL!!!  

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Linda said...

More lovely starts Vickie. I see that your not doing the Mill Hill village kits on the preforated paper. Will you be adding the beads. I have a couple sets of those and was thinking of doing them on aida fabric and not adding the beads.