Sunday, March 12, 2017

Year of Starts weeks 9 and 10 and Charity Stitching

Do you ever have that day when you say I know I need to do something but No..I just can't???  That was me last Sunday.  Mark went out of town earlier in the week and I had the house to my self.  Sunday, he was supposed to be home but instead he had layover, mechanical issues so he instead of being home at 3:00 pm...he got home at 3:30 am!!!  So I spent my last evening texting him, computer off and watching flosstube!  I find that as I listen to stitchers talk about stitching..I stitch more!!!  

I came home on Friday to this:
Brigen ate my Mill Hill kit...well he ate the pattern!!! OMG!!!!

It has been crazy at work!  I had to proctor the ACT and let me tell you, walking in a circle for 5 hours watching kids take a test is very stimulating!!  All I could think was, why can't I stitch??? This is valuable time!!

It snowed yesterday!!!  Actually the day went: Rain, Sleet, and then snow.  It was all melted by the time I got up.  Bert knows better to stay inside but Tiger Lily wasn't so sure about the snow:

I have to tell you...I am enjoying the year of starts but I am stating to freak out a just a little.  I see all these projects and it does freak me out!  So here is what my stitching looks like:

Faery Tales:  As you know this is the one piece I want to finish!  I have 22 pages complete and 18 to go.  This is like my white whale!  It has to be finished this year....I can't stand the thought of seeing on my TBS list for next year.  I have about 600 stitches from having page 23 finished!!!

Another one I pulled out to stitching on for one of my facebook groups..
Princess Grace:  I stitched more on the pink.

All my new starts for the past 2 weeks...get ready!!!

Mill HIll: Toy Store

Mill Hill:  St. Nichols Cathedral

Teresa Wentzler:   Christmas Sampler

Brookes Book Brides Tree #3 -  I just stitched a lady bug because I was exhausted.

Disney Dreams:  Fantasia

This is a special one!!!  There is a Facebook group called:  Ronald McDonald house charity stitching.   You stitch a special Ursual Michaels design for a Ronald McDonald house.  This is what I got stitched.  I will be working more on it this week.

First Xmas:  I started the box for the letter B

Xmas starts here: I started the #2 design

American Quilt Sampler

Windows #3

Mirabilia My Lady's Garden -

Brookes Books Block 3

Festive  Labs:


Linda said...

Holy cow Vickie. I am loving all of your projects and new starts and you even started a new HAED. Just can't stitch those on 14ct aida. My big tummy gets in the way of holding big pieces of fabric. I hope you can save the one Brigen got into. I have several of the Disney Dreams kits but I hear they are hard to stitch so don't know if I will ever do them. I might just sell them.


Keebles said...

The snow was nice...while it lasted! Looks like you had another great week of starts!

Bekah said...

Horrifying about your pattern! I love the phoenix in your Faery Tales piece.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh that poor pattern!
I love Princess Grace on that fabric.
I just could not do the year of starts but it is fun watching everyone that does attempt it.

Faith... said...

Oh Vickie, that is one of my BIGGEST fears with the puppies. Every Monday I pack up one of my 31 Bags bag with the stitching and floss for the week. I carry it back and forth from my bedroom to my stitching chair every day, night or when I leave the house because I just don't trust those chewers! LOL I also scan ever chart into my computer when I am going to stitch it and stitch right from Adobe on my laptop as it becomes my working copy! LOL

All those starts are awesome I love the Labrador one and the Ronald McDonald House one. We volunteered there a few times when I could still get around better.

Look forward to the next batch of starts!!