Monday, August 6, 2007

Brigen is sick

Poor Brigen...He caught Kennel Cough while staying at the kennel while Mark and I were in KC. He sounds like he has something caught in his throat...Mark calls it smokers cough. The vet did give him a compliment while we were in his office. He said that Brigen was a very well behaved dog and he wished everyone behaved as well as he did!! Brigen is currently on antibotics and cough medicine. The cough medicine is too strong I think because he is very sleepy. I called the emergency vets office tonight and the on-call vet said it was like a human taking Benadryll...just medicine head.

I worked on Mystic Stitch last is what I have finished on it so far. Not much else to say.


Anonymous said...

What HAED piece is this? You have made good progress. Sorry about your puppy. Hopefully he recovers soon.

Shari said...

looking good Vickie! And poor Brigen! Spyro said to tell him to get better!!!!!

~Kim~ said...

WTG Vickie! You are making great progress on your HAED!! Hope Brigen is doing better by now. :)

Hope your finger is doing better too!