Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weird Mood

Have you ever just had one of those weeks when you don't want to stitch, read or answer emails? That has been my week. I can only stitch for so long because my finger is still sore and tingly. It makes it uncomfortable. I don't want to read right now and I am not sure why because usually I LOVE to read. I look at all my group emails and think WOW..I should really answer those.

I am not sure why I am in this mood...could be because I am worried about this upcoming school year and everthing it brings. Usually, In my subjects I have the state frameworks to use as guidelines on what I should cover in the year...but my curriculum doesn't have that so I have to judge what is exactly best for my kids and I think that is a lot of pressure.

I have done some stitching and bought new fabric!!! OH MY! I picked up the fabric for my Inspiration piece I am starting in Oct. The picture doesn't do it justice...the color is actually closer to DMC 758 (kinda peachy). The other picture is the progress I have made on EEyore....He is looking good.
Off to bed.. Tomorrow is the first official day of school!

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