Saturday, February 16, 2008

out of my stitching funk!

Finally, I can honestly say I am out of my stitching funk. With DH's job situtation and thinking we were moving or not moving stay or not stay...if just made me want to play video games online and not stitch. Which is bad since I am working on a model.

DH and I made the decision that if the formal offer was a good one then we would definetly move. WEll...the offer came in and it wasn't that great...we would actually be starting over with lower salaries and a higher cost of he is going to make a counter offer but as of right now we are not mvoing! Which makes me very excited. I was all for moving but I really didn't want to give up my job or leave my friends and family.

So...while I were we in NC last weekend...I worked on 4 calling birds for a RR....up top is what I was able to finish in the airports. Will be working on it more today.

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Dawn B. said...

The WIP looks good and glad you got out of the stitching funk.