Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tiring Weekend

I thought this weekend I would spend the whole time stitching and watching TV. Sounds boring to some people but I was looking forward to it. I got a call early Friday morning from my dad telling me my uncle (who is like a dad to me) was in ICU. He had had a reaction to the medicine he was taking and wasn't doing well. So Saturday, I went down and spent the night in the hospital room. So I didn't get much stitching accomplished. He is doing much better today.

Once I got home on Sunday I was able to stitch and finish the 2nd page of Cherokee Child. Which is posted on the right. I thought about going to my LNS for the superbowl sale...but I was tired I sat down and just fell asleep in my chair.

The pictures above are from my snow day the other day....It is all gone now which is so sad. I loved watching it it was in the 50's....and one day this week it will be in the 70's.

Stitching updated:
completed: 68,690
left to stitch: 218,198
percentage completed: 23.9%


Shari said...

are my comments disappearing?!!? I am sure I commented on some of these! The Cherokee child looks WONDERFUL! The snow is pretty too. I am so ready for spring, but love seeing other people's snow pictures!!!

~Kim~ said...

Come see me. I awarded you. :)