Monday, March 17, 2008

finally home

I am so excited to be home!! I have spent the last few days with my uncle who has been very ill. It was a very tiring time. I had to monitor his medicine and make sure he took all the correct meds. He was a little out of his head because the dr's. didn't realize what meds they had him on and they were making him very loopy. He had such terrible headaches that he is scared he is going to get ill again so he takes the good stuff before he tires the OTC items. I finally was able to come home today.

While at his house I was able to stitch alot I finished 9 sections of Inspirations. I only have 15 sections to go! LOL!!! I was also able to finish 1/2 a page of tiger..will update the picture later. My goal is to finish Tiger by the end of summer because he is going to be my fair entry. I have a title to defend.

Stitching update:
Stitches completed: 89,236
Stitches to stitch: 234,402
Percentage complete: 27.6%


Gorgoglio said...

I'm very happy that your uncle feels better and you had so much time to stitch :)

Shari said...

glad your uncle is feeling better & you are able to be back home. So kind of you to help him out!!! Inspirations looks great!!