Friday, March 21, 2008

Poor Brigen

My poor little baby boy has a very bad ear infection. He kept shaking his head on Wed. Night and when I finally checked his ear was red and very inflammed so off to the vet we went. He was so funny, when the vet would hold the earscope, Brigen would hide behind me...when she put it down...he ran to her....we played this game for about 3 tries when finally she moved closer to me and grabbed onto his collar. She took one look and said poor thing. She didn't even try to look deep into it.

When the little tech girl came in with his medicine I had to ask her show me how do it because I have never done this before. She told me it was just like if you have kids and I still looked blank. Told her this was my first ear infection with my kids since the dogs are my children. She just laughed. Brigen was a real trooper. Mark can't stand this infection because it smells. We never realized how bad they smell but it is awful!!

On the stitching note...I have updated the picture of Tiger on the right. I have finished 58% of tiger. I have stitched over the 1/2 way mark!!! Yes!! That is exciting.

Stitching update:
stitches completed: 90,006
left to stitch: 163,432
Percentage: 35%

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Jennifer's life and goings on said...

AWWW the poor thing. I hope that the little one gets better.