Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oklahoma City Trip

Mom and I took Lulu the Boston Terrier to the Will Rogers World Airport today. She is on her way to her new home in New Delhi, India. My sister is very anxious to have Lulu home with her. I have to say, I felt bad about leaving poor Lulu in her kennel for her long flight to New Delhi, but the air cargo guy at the airport told us not to worry. She would be in great hands.
AFter we dropped her off, we decided to drive over to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I have to say it was a very humbling experience being there at the memorial. It was very quiet and respectful. The chairs were very hard to see especially all the little bitty chairs that represented the babies from the daycare. I left the memorial crying.

It was back to Tulsa where we stopped at the Silver needle and the on to Macaroni Grill for dinner. IT was VERY GOOD!! After dinner, we stopped at Joann fabrics and then we came home. I have to admit it was a very tiring day. Tomorrow will be worse....I am finally getting to paint my guest room!!!


Meari said...

I bet Lulu will be happy to see her 'mama' :) Looks like it was a nice day for a road trip. Did you buy anything at Silver Needle?

Cindy F. said...

Lulu may be stressed during travel, but she will quickly forget when she arrives home!
Beautiful pics. I would have cried at the OK City Memorial too:(