Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Couple #3 is finished!!

I was up until 1:00 am last night finishing up couple 3. This couple took forever. I think it was because of the dress. I think the dress looks pretty good especially since I did make the big mistake in stitching it. I was getting concerned about wording because it took up almost the entire bottom..from one border to the next...but I have to say they look very regal in their stance. On to couple #4!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashions update

I can't believe it is already Thursday!!! My spring break is flying by!!! I have gotten lots accomplished though...I went and had a taxes done today, visited the grandparents, had the carpets cleaned, got the oil changed in the truck, took Brigen to the vet (he has ANOTHER ear infection) and watched my sisters little dog!!! This dog is driving me crazy. I really had to be insane to agree to watch her for a week. I am used to somewhat lazy dogs...her dog is a boston terror!!!! This dog has so much energy it makes me tired just watching it run from room to room.

I have spent several hours on Historical Fashions this week. My goal is to finish one couple a month. I am on the 3rd couple and this dress is HUGE!!! I do believe I say this in every post...but look at this thing!! To be honest...I have a mistake somewhere on the left side of the dress....so I am stitching the entire right side and will work my way up from the bottom....just to get it equal out. I am not ripping everything out to find one little mistake. This will be my humble couple...the one to let me know my stitching isn't perfect!!! Besides..no-one would know if I had made a mistake if I hadn't told you!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sears Carpet Cleaning Service-Gross Picture!!!

This is totally off topic of stitching but today I had Sears come in and clean my carpets. DH and I moved in this home 3 years ago...and we have never had the carpets professionally cleaned. I finally decided to get them cleaned and let me tell you...I think a picture is worth a thousand words!!! I could not believe how dirty the capets have gotten over the time that we have lived here. We have 2 dogs who love to roll in the dirt and I guess they tracked in alot of it!!!!

IF you have pets and think you may need to get your carpets cleaned.......I recommend Sears!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


YES!!! I wasn't sure if it would ever get here or not but I am actually on Spring Break!!!! I am dog sitting my sister's dog..Lulu the Boston Terrier. I have to say, I am not sure I like having a little dog around the house. I think I am a big dog person.
This week was crazy at school. The kids were ready for break and they found it hard to focus on classes. I had to work late on Wednesday night. It was the LAST night of Cap conferences. I have to say...I am glad that is behind us.
This week, I worked on Cherokee Child, HAED-A wintery heirloom, parts 2&3 on my mystery SAL and fashions. Cherokee child and my HAED are coming along slowly but surely. I do love the colors on my Mystery SAL...I can't wait to see what comes next!! I don't havea picture of fashions for this week. I am going to take a picture of it tomorrow.
I have started walking 20 minutes every other day. Each time is one mile..so I have put in four miles for this week!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great shopping day!!!

Today was my LNS- The Busy Needle- 9th birthday!!! Sara offered a HUGE sale to everyone! If you shopped in Jan, Feb and March buying at least $25.00 each month you got a sticker, plus you also got a stitcher for coming in the store. Each sticker was worth 10% off during the birthday sale. I was able to get all 6 stickers so I got off all my purchases. I decided to do some major shopping!!!
I bought a kit from Boothy Threads called Cut Through Pirate Ship. I had been looking at this for a while. I have no idea who I would make it for but I just thoughtit was so cute!!!!! The next chart I bought was this Nestlenook Farms by pegasus. This was released at Nashville Market and I had placed it in my layway bag.
Next I bought Cappachino 35 count fabric by Weeks Dye Works. The next fabric is called Summer Storm. I bought this one to go with the NestleBrook Farms. The bottom one is a beautiful pink fabric that I just fell in love with. It is 32 count. I have NO idea what I am going to stitch on it but it is really pretty....kinda like a dusty pink sunset color
My final purchase of the day was a Happy Birthday kit from Mill Hill. Then I also got this Dog Day Out from Crossed wings. It is came with the fabric and it is a really cute dog pattern. The fabric on the right...is called Watermelon and it is from Weeks Dye works. it is 32 count 30 x 26. I have NO IDEA what I am going to stitch on this pretty melon fabric but I will eventually find just the right design. The other fabric is called Lavendar sunset. It was just so pretty....I had to have it. I got all of this for
less than $80.00

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hometown Round Robin

I signed up to stitch a Hometown RR that was suppose to begin in January. I have so many projects that I put this at the bottom of my rotation. I finally started it this weekend. I am stitching the 2004 Stoney Creek - Hometown Afghan. This is the Little red schoolhouse, the first design out of fifteen. I love the colors on it.

Winter & HAED - AWH

This was a very long week. We were at school until 8:00 pm a couple of nights to schedule classes for the upcoming sophomore class. Then on Friday, we had the Little Rock Childrens Hospital Burn Unit come to our school. They gave a lecture to our students about what happenes at the burn unit and how skin grafts are done. The pictures were very graphic but the students leaned a lot. We really enjoyed their visit.
Needless, to say I didn't get much stitching completed this week because I was just too darn tired. I have over 1,000 emails to read and a stack of papers to grade!!! Oh well....I worked on my Winter Sampler piece and my Haed project - A Wintery Heirloom. They are coming along slowly!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fashions update

I just wanted to post a quick update on my fashions piece. I started the 3rd couple a couple of weeks ago and made a little progress on them. The ladies dress, as I said before, looks very uncomfortable. She looks so rigid. I am telling you it is the dress. I haven't gotten much stitching done because I have been working CAP conference at school and having to stay until 8:00 pm getting kids scheduled for next year. It makes for a very long day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

HAED and Fall Sampler

This weekend I worked on these two designs the most. My Fall Sampler was next up in my rotation. This is on my monthly Ozark Sampler Fiber class designs. It has 3 sections and I finished the top section. I would have done more on it but I couldn't figure out where the is beautiful pumpkin colored krenick was to be stitched. Mary always tells us to write it down...but did I listen? No...so I have no idea where it goes....guess I will just have to figure it out.

I also worked on my HAED- A wintery heirloom. I know I have said this each post but if you are just joining my blog then you will know that I try and stitch on it at least 3 hours each week. This week I was watching a Jane Austen Movie- Sense and Sensibility from Masterpiece theatre. I was only able to put in about 200 stitches. The first 100 was confetti stitches...there were more confetti stitches in that section than I could have imagined. It drove me crazy!!!!!