Monday, March 2, 2009

HAED and Fall Sampler

This weekend I worked on these two designs the most. My Fall Sampler was next up in my rotation. This is on my monthly Ozark Sampler Fiber class designs. It has 3 sections and I finished the top section. I would have done more on it but I couldn't figure out where the is beautiful pumpkin colored krenick was to be stitched. Mary always tells us to write it down...but did I listen? I have no idea where it goes....guess I will just have to figure it out.

I also worked on my HAED- A wintery heirloom. I know I have said this each post but if you are just joining my blog then you will know that I try and stitch on it at least 3 hours each week. This week I was watching a Jane Austen Movie- Sense and Sensibility from Masterpiece theatre. I was only able to put in about 200 stitches. The first 100 was confetti stitches...there were more confetti stitches in that section than I could have imagined. It drove me crazy!!!!!


Chiloe said...

Waow! the HAED looks great: I love the colors ;-)

Cindy F. said...

Your sample is so the colors!
and you know I'm crazy over the HAED!! Confetti stitches make me crazy too!!! Santa's fireplace is nothing but confetti! Over 30 color changes in one block!

Wendy said...

I love your HAED design you are stitching! I started with a big black piece on it, but now I have to do some confetti stitches too! That doesn't go very fast!