Sunday, October 10, 2010


Time for Yoga! As you can see I am still working on the background. This is quite boring but I am happy to say that I will eventually start working on the Yoga pose!!!
Mark brought me home a video game on Friday. He bought me this game called Heavy Rain for the PS3. This game is a murder mystery game where you have to solve the mystery of who is the origami murderer. You go through the game and talk to people...look at clues etc. We spent all Friday evening playing the game. It is a GREAT game however, there was one thing I wasn't expecting!!! I saw a girls boobies!!! I mean who expects a boob shot on a video game???? As soon as it happened, I checked the was M for mature!!! I usually buy E for Everyone and I have NEVER played a Mature rated game. Since Mark was in a game buying mood I sent him a list of 5 different games that I want!!!
I used to love Sunday afternoons. I would spend the day sitting in my recliner, stitching away while watching the Hallmark Movie Channel Mystery Sundays. I would watch Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Mystery Woman, ...well you get the idea. Now my afternoons are spent knee deep in grading papers, Physical Science, Environmental Science and any other subject I need to get prepared for. This is a rough year. Last year I taught 2 separate classes, Math and English. This year I teach: Civics, English, Math, Environmental Science, Physical Science and Personal Growth. Which means I have to prep for each class individually. UGH!! I am tired!!!
Funny Speech for the week: Guys Don't mess with your Business in Class. It is still there and won't fall off anytime soon. It isn't appropriate to mess with your business in public! Yes I actually said this to my class.


Debra said...

nice progress. I would have been shocked to, to see that in a game. Good luck with school this year.

Sew Wilde said...

The yoga piece is looking good! I love Historical Fashions too. I hope things at school get better for you!


Meari said...

Wow, that's a lot of classes to prepare for! I'm glad to hear at least one teacher tells these guys not to mess with their business!