Friday, October 8, 2010

Historical Fashions update

I have 1.5 couples left to stitch!!!!!! Talk about exciting!!! My goal is to finish by the end of December but I am hoping to finish earlier!! This period when I did the research said it was the Victorian era but I decided not to change the wording. To be honest....I have had so much trouble centering this piece that I wasn't sure I could center the words and dates correctly.
School is driving me crazy. I did go speak with my principal concerning the problems I am having in my classroom. He openly listened and said he would try and help me in some way. I hope so it is like a 3 ring circus in my room. I come home and cry almost every evening. Mark has no idea how to help the situation he just gets mad because he knew I didn't want this position. Oh well....I should be thankful I have a job!!!


Debra said...

your stitching looks great. So sorry to hear about your school year. I sure hope you get some help.

Meari said...

Hey, there's an extra arm attached to that guy! lol Looks good, Vickie.