Wednesday, April 27, 2011

House, Gibbs, Yoga...and a dead ballerina

Mark and I have been dealing with landscape issues. We really thought about doing it ourselves, then we laughed and hired a landscaper. As you can see...they finished our rock gardens, re-rocked our path down to the backyard. We had them take down a 6 ft chain length fence/pen that was under the deck we used for the dogs. This was before we put in the privacy fence. We added some Railroad ties as a retaining wall and rocked the top part of the backyard. We used to have grass in the backyard, but with living on a hill and having the 3 dogs...the grass was slowing going away. We love how it has turned out!!!

I pulled Yoga out earlier this week. I finished page 3 and now only have 9 pages left to stitch!!!
Sad news about the ballerina.....I tried and tried, frogged and frogged until I ripped a hole in the fabric! So, I am waiting to hear from Mary on what she would like to me to do. I can start all over or just have this project give up the ghost! Will keep you updated.

Gibbs.....I love this little dog but OMG!! He is a handful!!!! When we had them take down the fence under the deck, there was a pile of firewood that Gibbs fell in love with. As you can see, we have a new log every day and it doesn't do much for the carpet. He thinks he is doing something great for us and it would be if it were winter and we could burn them. My log holder is full and ready to go for next year. Gibbs is ready for summer. Mark claims Gibbs attached his teething ring to his own collar...somehow I doubt this. He is equipped with his own floatation device when he goes in his puppy pool!!!!


Berly said...

You are so silly! The backyard looks great. Nice progress on Yoga! Congrats on your new classes for next year. I'm so sorry about Ballerina. :)

Sew Wilde said...

Love the landscaping-it looks great! Yoga is coming along nicely. I see Gibbs has an affection for wood just like my Bode.


Carol's Stitching said...

Sorry to hear about the ballerina. I had the same problem occur on a Lavender and Lace design. Yoga is coming right along and looks like Gibbs is a handful!