Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ballerina -Gibbs and his doggie door

Ballerina has risen again. I posted early that I ripped a hole in the project and I have started it again. This time I am stitching it on 14 count aida (not evenweave), and I am following the required threads. This makes it interesting. Some symbols call for 6 threads at a time!!!! I am not stressing too much over it.

I did have to change my stitching goals for this year. There is no way I was even going to make a dent in them with all this obligation stitching I have to do. So I am going to focus on my 2 obligations pieces and then my ufo's. I am going to start with one that is almost finished and work way down to the ones which require lots of stitching!!!

Mark installed a doggie door in our kitchen. You would think it would be for the dogs to go in and out of it but no....Gibbs uses it to bring in his logs. As you can see he was trying to put it in the door, Brigen didn't like that idea so he pushed it out the door. So Gibbs is starting all over again. He eventually did get it in the house, and he placed it over with his other treasures he has brought in the doggie door. I keep waiting for him to bring me a rabbit or a chipmunk. UGH!!!


Berly said...

Good luck with Ballerina! I'm thinking about changing my stitching goals too for the same reason. There's NO way I'm going to get to the Marbek Nativity this year. I may make that and my SC Nature's Home afghan my only 2 projects for next year!

Meari said...

LOL @ your doggies. I'd love to see your face when Gibbs brings you a "prize".

6 strands for 14ct? That seems like overkill. Good luck with your revised goals!

Nancy M said...

Good luck on your new goals. I don't know if I could do 6 strands with 14 ct! We have a doggie door for my 1st Schnauzer and she loved it, this one won't use it!! I keep trying, maybe the more I show it to her, she'll get the idea.

Mare said...

Love your doggies tales! They do try to please.

Mare said...

Love your doggies tales! They do try to please.