Sunday, November 20, 2011

A New me and Yoga update!

A new me!! That is right.  For the past year and a half I have been growing out my hair.  I really love being able to put it in a pony tail and the long curls. However, I have gotten tired of the Frizzy, wild 80's look when the wind blow. Here is a picture of my hair before my hair cut.  I was having to pull it back with a small clip and I had the Elaine Benes hairstyle from Seinfield.  As you can see from my self portrait via my Ipad how I looked before

I had my DH take the after picture.  I had 6 inches cut off the back.  It was cut into a many layered bob. When I went in my hair dresser actually laughed at my hair and said, "Wow!! You really need that cut off!!!"

I am loving the new cut!  I finished page 10 of Yoga today!!!!!  WHO HOOO!!! I only have 2 pages left to stitch.  Since I am on break starting Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope to finish another page this week.  

I downloaded a new app for my i-pad. It is the Cross Stitch Collection magazine app.  I really liked flipping through the magazine online however, you can't print from it.  So my question is, why would you buy a years subscription for this magazine if you can't print a working copy?????  Would you buy one???  It is cheap only $40 for the year.  What do you think????


Patty said...

You're paying 40$ for what? Just to look at the app? Nothing to print for 40$. Hummmmm - as much as I love that magazine I wouldn't spend 40$ to just look at pictures - you can do that for free at the book store if looking at pictures is all you want to do.

Love your hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Yoga! You've really made some great progress on her.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Very pretty ; )

Anonymous said...

Your haircut is cute!!!! I love the curls. My hair is so straight it doesn't even hold a curl from a curling iron for more than 10 min. without being sprayed with hairspray till it is so stiff a hurricane wouldn't effect it. Yoga is gorgeous!!!! I personally would not purchase the app if I couldn't print from it. What good would it do me? That is my opinion on that.
Have a great few days off for Thanksgiving.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Debra said...

your hair looks great. Congrats on finishing another page. No I won't buy it.

Lisa Dunn said...

I love your haircut! It looks really cute with all the bouncy curls. :o)

I don't like electronic magazines. I guess I'm of the dinosaur age, but I want paper magazines that I can hold, read, and use however I want to. I can't imagine not at least being able to print out the patterns you want from the cross stitch magazine. What use is that? How would you stitch from it? That is crazy!

Congratulations on finishing another page of Yoga. She is really coming along!

Keebles said...

I feel your pain with don't have much choice with do's or you have to spend forever straightening it!

I kinda agree with Lisa, I want to hold paper in my hand...same with a book, I want to feel it and smell it (I love the smell of a new book, especially a hardback...I'm not big on paperbacks).

I'm not too familiar with i-pads, but if it has paint, can you print screen and then paste in paint then print like you can on a lap or desktop? Maybe that would work?

Oh, and congrats on yoga!

Janine said...

Gosh Vickie your a quick stitcher. It is looking fantastic as is your very pretty hair.