Sunday, November 27, 2011

So close yet so far!!!

From my previous post, I had said I was going to spend the weekend working on Yoga.  I did make quite a bit of progress.  The goal I set for myself was to finish all the confetti stitching.  I just wanted to leave it where I didn't have to follow the pattern, just color in the lines.  I reached that goal.  I need to use DMC 3829-dark gold on the small leaf section, DMC 834-light gold green for the bottom and finally DMC 938 for her backside.  Yep, I am stitching the Yoga's behind!!!  

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday:
I stayed home all day and did not spend a single dime!!!!  Can you believe that???  I did go out with my mom on Saturday. We went to lunch at Red Lobster, Build a Bear (Teddy needed some new clothes and a new gingerbread friend), Hobby Lobby for DMC 834 and finally to the Friendly Bookstore that helps support the local library.  I bought 4 new to me trashy novels!!!  There is something about the smell of a used bookstore that just makes me sigh in contentment. 

More Stitchy stuff:
I have to buy a whole bolt of 18 count aida!! Friday night, I pulled up the patterns that are saved on my computer that I want to start next year.  Of course, they are all BAP's.  The Pemberly house needs an entire yard of fabric just by itself, the four Haunted Mansion cross stitch designs need 26 x 44 for each pattern...and the Afternoon calls for 16 x 11.  I figure I should just by a bolt of fabric.  However, I am not buying the fabric until I have enough swagbucks to get it for FREE!!!  I found it on Amazon being sold by MCG Textiles and it will cost $95 with shipping.  So I need a total of 9000 swagbucks to be able to get it for free.  I only need 6606 more.  It will probably take me till May to get enough but it will be so worth the wait if I can get the whole bolt for free including shipping!!!  
-Recruiting Section:
 if you are not a member of swagbucks, then feel free to click the link on the left and join!  If you join, I will earn a few swagbucks!  So far I have cashed in for:  $25 GC to Barnes and Noble,  $75 for Amazon where i was able to purchase and entire set of Brother embroidery threads, and another $25 for Amazon.  Great place to earn free GC just for searching the internet and taking a daily poll.  VERY EASY!!

Back to work tomorrow.....So ready for Christmas Break!!!


Shari said...

great progress & congrats on meeting your goal! Goals make it so much more encouraging.
we love SB too.....we just got a $25 to Barnes & Noble & had fun spending it!!

WhitneyL said...

Your Yoga (and Ballerina!) look awesome. I am very jealous of all your BAP starts you have coming up! Can't wait to see progress pics :)

Anonymous said...

Yoga is looking gorgeous!!!!
Thanks for the Swag bucks invite. I joined.
Betty in AZ

Meari said...

You're soooo close to finishing Yoga. (And NO, JG hasn't sprouted weeds... my house isn't that dirty, lol)

I didn't go out on BF or SBS either.

Good luck with earning the swagbucks... go, go, go!

Berly said...

Yoga's looking good!! When you find a place to buy aida by the bolt, please let me know!!

Cozy in Texas said...