Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Desk Area

When I finally rolled myself out of bed this morning, I decided to work on my desk area.  As you can see from the pictures below it is a little messy.  The paint cans came out of the laundry room and still need to be moved out to the shed.  I just didn't feel  like moving them.

As you see below, I was able to clean most of it out. I placed cookbooks that I use or my grandmother left me back in the shelves.  I moved the others to my dining room table for me to go through and place the wanted recipes in my recipe binder and the others will either be recycled (magazines) or given in my donation box.  I didn't take a after picture of the desk because I need to finishing making files for the bottom desk drawer.  When that is finished, then I can mark this off my list.

During the organizing of my desk, I had to make a run to Walmart for the bottom part of the desk.  I was just praying no-one would take a picture of me and place it on the People of Wal-Mart website!!!  Since I was working in the house, I was dressed in Denim overall shorts, a tank top without a bra, baseball cap and my flip flops had sparkles on them!!  Went to 2 different Wal-marts and neither had what I needed. So I stopped at:
for Mark and I sandwiches for lunch.  After lunch, I decided to hang out in the puppy pool.  Gibbs doesn't use it, so I laid out on my floatie and read part of a book.  After about an hour of sun... I went to Staples to get the needed supplies.    By the time I got home, I decided not to finish the files.  Will file tomorrow, that will give me something to do.

I spent the evening stitching, playing on pinterest, and chatting with my friend Kim.  What a great night!!!!

Summer goals so far:
1. Clean out laundry room
2. Clean out desk area in kitchen
3. Go through the laundry basket of magazines so they can be recycled
4. Organize recipes torn from the magazines into a recipe binder.  I found this awesome site to help me get organized.
5. Print all my pinned pinterest recipes.  I love this site so I am going to start printing and trying them out.  Will let you know how they turn out.
6. Make a binder of my pinterest holiday items.  
7. Wind all DMC Floss onto binders.  -Finished up to 801.
8.  Put one of each DMC color into a Jammer box so I can have a box for travel.
9. Write Common Core Goals for my classroom. - School goal
10. Write an assessment test  to go with the common goals - school thing
11. Write my Life Centered Career Lesson plans for my kiddo's
12. Review and figure out the Xtra Math website I want my kids to use next Year.
13. Make and mail a class supply list before July to all my kids.
14. Make a teacher binder for next year 
15. Make a household binder.  This is an example.  I have several pinned on pinterest that I want to combine. 
16. Finish my Donor Choice application for supply donations to my classroom.
17. Make a shopping price list of all things that I use regularly so I know where the better buy will be.
18.  Get my photos organized. Right now they are stored in drawers, discs, flashdrives and my computer.  I need to get them in albums or photo boxes..something better than I have now.
19. Finish organizing my coupon binder.
20.  Finally go to the Electric Company and Cable company to get my name changed from my maiden name to my married name.  It only has been 6 years.....


Sew Wilde said...

Nice progress on your list! I wish I had such motivation. Good luck with making a big dent in your list.


mdgtjulie said...

Awesome Vickie. Your desk area looks great now. And grats on crossing something off your list already. I wanted to let you know, when I clicked on your blog, a warning screen came up the Shabbyblogs.com is a site that distributes malware. Just wanted to warn you to check your harddrive.

Keebles said...

Don't you just love reorganizing? Or is that just me?