Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Ball, Mushrooms, Floss and Gibbs

As you can tell by the title this is going to be a LONG post.

I finished page 3 of my Summer Ball project!!!!   I am now over the 50% mark on this piece!!!!  Just Love it!!!!

In case you don't know, my husband is a fresh mushroom vendor for Wal-mart.  He works for a mushroom company based out of PA.  Every once in a while, he will get samples in to take to Wal-mart.  Usually we just get enough to take to them and usually an extra pack for ourselves.   This time someone was feeling generous.  Mark thought he was getting like 9 packages....we got 40 instead!!!!  I have coming out my ears. We gave away alot of them to friends, coworkers and family.   I still had 8 packages left ( I used one pack to try out this mushroom soup recipe below) to do something with so I searched the web for a Homemade Cream Of Mushroom soup recipe.  

Soup recipe for one batch

one pint bag = one can
I made the sample batch and loved how it turned out.  The recipe above does NOT have any seasoning in it.   The only salt it has is the butter used to cook it. This is just like a cream of mushroom thickening agent for your meals.  Once you use it, add seasonings to what ever you are will be awesome!  What I like best about it, is that it is just made up of 5 ingredients and no preservatives!!!!!!!   I had 80 bags and wound up the 4 left right now I have 76 bags (cans) of Cream of Mushroom soup in my freezer.  I used a measuring cup to measure a can size which is 10.5 oz.    If you try this, remember this has no seasoning so you will want to add some.

Can you guess what Gibbs ate this week???  Gibbs and Brigen destroyed 3 paper bags.  They just love them!!!

Check out this receipt from JoAnns!!!!!  I went there on Saturday so I could take advantage of the DMC 4 for a $1.00 sale.  I was able to find 314 skeins of floss.  It was $83 before my teacher discount. That brought it too $72.   I actually saved $56 due to the sale!!!!  The sales lady had to ring each one individually and she told me this was the longest receipt she has ever seen!!!!! 

 Here is what a pile of 314 skeins looks like.....Anyone want to help me sort it??????


Rachel said...

sort...yes. wind? nope...LOL...Looks like quite the haul! Love how Summer Ball is looking!

JoAnn McLaughlin said...

boy your summers ball is coming along nicely. I hope you have room for 76 bags of cream of mushroom soup. and I just love your stash pile

cucki said...

summer ball is looking so lovely..
lovely stash pile too.
lots of love for you xxx

Shari said...

I will have to try that soup recipe.....HAS to be cheaper than buying it....
summer ball is looking great!
Sure do wish we had Joann's close......have fun with your new project!!!!

Anonymous said...

Summer Ball is looking great!!!! That is one long receipt. You would think that Joann's would come up with a way to ring up floss without having to do each skein at a time. That's a lot of floss. Are you going to put them onto floss bobbins? Thanks for sharing the Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe. I think I am going to have to try this when I use up the cans I have in my pantry.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Faith... said...

Love that receipt! I only bought 65 skeins that I needed. That is a lot of soup you made.

Your dog sounds like mine but mine likes to eat cardboard boxes instead of bags. We can not leave a single one on the floor cuz he will chew it as soon as we aren't looking.

Rachel S-H said...

Summer Ball is wonderful! Congrats on getting through page 3. 40 packages of mushrooms! Wow. And that huge receipt. Talk about an abundance!

Linda said...

Summer Ball looks great Vickie. Love your pile of floss. Several years ago I bought over 400 skeins from Walmart. Have fun sorting it.


Meari said...

That's a lotta cream of mushroom soup! I like that there's no preservatives in it.

Congrats on getting the floss you need for SC. I'm surprised JoAnn's let you buy more than 30. Mine will only allow the 30.

SoCal Debbie said...

What a gorgeous pile of floss!

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching. hehe on the threads. nip all yours to sort!

Sugar 'n' Grace said...

Holy. Cow. That is one heck of a receipt! But congrats on the good deal on all those skeins. :0)