Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Break, Stitching and possible challenge..

During my break I worked on A Wintery Heirloom.  I am 14.2% complete.  This page will be easy to stitch since there are NO trees!!!!  so exciting!!!!

I worked on summer ball.  I have made a HUGE mistake in it. You can see that I am having to stitch different than I usually do so I can try and fix it..

Mistake close up...see the lady with her head tilted?  I missed an entire row right about her head!!!!  And of course I thought I had counted right so I went head and stitched the lady with the pink flower and blue ribbon's faces...There were so many quarter stitches and half stitches that I did not want to frog I am making it work.  I am stitching the right side and then filling in the left....

Gibbs is very excited for Christmas!!!!  He is wearing a wreath made for me by Mary from Ozark Samplers.

Here is the wreath up close!!  Isn't it pretty???  Mary stitched the ornaments and Sara finished it for her.    It turned our wonderful.

I came home from work Tuesday night and it looked like Jag was in a cat fight.  We have no idea how it happened but he is doing better now.  His eye is healing so now it just looks like he has a black eye...silly kitty

Possible Challenge if anyone is interested:

I am trying to lose weight again and doing very well.  I have lost 6.8 lbs and going strong!!!  I have started using this app and web site:  loseit  I went to it and answered the questions, height, weight,  what my ideal weight is and how many lbs I want to lose a week.   Then it does this magical calculations and tells me exactly how many calories I can eat a day.  When you have to log in those 10 hershey makes you think...

Since it is the holiday season and I love Christmas cookies.  Would anyone be interested in a weightloss challenge for the holiday season?  It could run Dec. 2nd to Jan  4th.  I would provide GC from 123stitch to the top three...$15 for first place,  $10 second and $5 for third.   You would have to do the following:

1) email me your name and current weight to the tenths place..mine is  142.2  (I will not publish them....I promise)
2)  Each Sunday you email me your weight  and I will place it in a spreadsheet.  Must be emailed to me by 8:00 pm. CST 
3) Weight loss is calculated by percentages not pounds lost
4) You have to be HONEST!!!!!!  You can't lie...that would be cheating.- 
5) I would not join since I am running it.

If you are joining, would you like me to publish Everyone's percentages or just the top 3?  If you have a suggestion on how to keep it honest...would love that too...

This will keep us on the weight loss path during the holidays!!!!!   If you are on loseit...look me up!!!!!   


cucki said...

Hello dear both your Stitchy wips are so lovely..
Oh dear yup I saw the mistake..I hope you can fix it soon ..good luck
I hope your kitty feel better soon too
And congratulation for the weight loss..I am so happy for you..
Big hugs cucki x

Monique said...

Hope you manage to fix the mistake. Summer ball is still on my "want to make" list. Hopefully one day.

stitcheranon said...

I think I would like to join in...will weigh myself tomorrow and email. Great stitching...cats do like those fights, poor thing. Good job they heal quick. I agree: make it work, it isnt noticable enough to bother frogging..why waste valuable stitching time?

Berly said...

Ouch on Summer Ball! I hope you can get it to work! I'd love to join the weight loss challenge. I tried signing up under loseit, but my netbook keeps messing up. I'll sign up after I get my PC back next week!

Anonymous said...

Wintery heirloom is going to be gorgeous when completed. Summer ball is looking great too. I couldn't tell where the mistake was so your fixing it great. Poor Jag. Glad that he is getting better. Gibbs very stylish in his Christmas wreath. Would love to join in on the challenge. I don't have a scale though. I can only tell that I am losing weight by the fact that most of the pants I bought for my new job are now too big by at least 1 to 2 sizes.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Meari said...

I would've never know there was an error in the ball if you hadn't said anything. It looks great... actually they both look great!

I'll have to think about joining the challenge. I shudder at the thought of how much I actually weigh!

Ewa said...

I would never have known about your mistake had you not said anything, and I still can't really tell! I'd love to join the weight loss challenge but I don't think I can, simply because I don't think about losing weight but about losing fat so I weightlift, which actually makes me GAIN weight numerically but I keep having to buy smaller pants. Go figure!

About keeping people honest, maybe have them take a picture of the scale with their number on it and send it to you? Picture complete with toes, I say!

Faith... said...

Looks like Gibbs is really getting in the holiday spirit!

I signed up at LoseIt and will check it out. I will email you with my info. I would also suggest taking pictures of the scale on weigh in day.

Good luck to you!

Pat said...

I just found your blog and joined loseit. I like it so far.
Nice stitching :0)

Vicky L said...

Wintry Heirloom and Summer Ball looking very lovely. I couldn't see the mistake. Gibbs looks adorable and I hope Jag is doing better.
Good luck with your challenge.

SoCal Debbie said...

Summer Ball looks beautiful! Have fun stitching Wintery Heirloom on the non-tree page!

Here's my idea on the weight loss honesty: Ask everyone to take a photo of the scale reading as they're standing on it! Include the pic in the email to you.

ChrisG said...

Poor kitty kat. I hope he is better. Sorry about your stitching mistake. I make them all of the time and have to fix them the same as you...I do so hate frogging! Am sure it will look fine. Summer Ball is just so beautiful!