Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss Challenge Winners

This should have been posted last week however, once school started back I lost track of time!!!  I want to thank all the ladies who joined in and I hope you had fun.  So for the results:

1st: place - with a loss of 2.66%  is BERLY!!!
2nd Place - with a loss of  1.47% is Mary
3rd Place - with a loss of 1.33%  is Lynda!

Congratulations ladies!  If you will email me the email address you want your 123Stitch GC sent to, I will get them ordered by Friday!  

Thanks for participating!!!!


CalamityJr said...

Thank you! Thanks for helping prove that weight loss is possible even with holiday treats.

Faith... said...

Thanks for doing this Vickie - it was a great challenge!

Congrats to the winners ;)

cucki said...

congrats to the winners x

Berly said...

Congratulations, ladies! We are ALL winners!