Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fantasia Update.

Fantasia was up next in my Rotation.  I put in my 1,000 stitches and that was just the flooring of the design.  Next time it is up I will get to start Mickey!!!  

Next up, is Last Judgement.  I wanted to show just how big this design is going to be...I laid the fabric on my coffee table.  It takes up the whole darn thing!!!!  I have to be insane to be starting a project this big!!

Thirty one Bags-  I thought I would show off some more of the bags I won for hosting a thirty one party:
I won this one, it is the Super Organizing Tote that I bought just for Sistine Chapel.  I like my items to match so I bought all the same pattern...Lotsa Dots.

This is the outside, it has 5 or 6 pockets on the outside.  Looking below you can see how much it holds. I have a 3 in. three ringer binder with my working pattern divided into sections, one jammer box, one regular floss box, my fabric and qsnap in the green pillow case and the blag bag is all the extra fibers for the projects.

Here is my Keep it Caddy.  I put the dogs treat box by it for you see just how little it is.  It also has 1 big pocket in the front, 2 mesh pockets on the end and 4 little pockets for pens etc in the front.   

Inside I keep my working project, clipboard, planner, ort jar, scissors and highlighter.  In the pockets, I keep my tape measure, xtra needles and thread haven.  This one I got for 1/2 price so it was only $12.50.

The last new bag for this round of pictures is my new Laundry tote. It is the Room for two tote.  I got it for laundry, one of my friends got it so she could put her stash in it and clear out the basket in her living room.  


cucki said...

aww super cute stitching...
lots of love for you x

CalamityJr said...

Wow - you make me want to have a party! I know I won't, but I do like your choices!

Linda said...

Great progress on Fantasia Vickie. That is one big piece of fabric. Who is the designer of Last Judgement. I'd love to see it. Love all your new bags. They all hold so much stash.


Berly said...

Fantasia's coming along! That Super Organizing tote is really calling my name!

Cindy said...

Is it larger than Sistine Chapel. The fabric is huge. What count?

SoCal Debbie said...

Fantasia looks great! You have so many fantastic roomy tote bags now! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Faith... said...

I so love Fantasia!

That is one B-I-G piece of!! I love all your bags! So much space in them all.

Keebles said...

You will definitely have to get the hubby to take a pic of you while your stitching! I'm beyond curious to see how you are going to handle all that fabric while you're trying to stitch it! It probably weights the same as a small dog!

Anonymous said...

Fantasia looks great. Love those totes. Wish I had the money for one but we are strapped right now.
Enjoy them.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)