Friday, February 1, 2013

Janet Evanovich Books

This past week I finished two books from Janet Evanovich.  I LOVE her books!  The first one I read was Notorious Nineteen.  As you can tell from the title this is the Nineteenth book in her Stephanie Plum series.  Stephanie Plum is an ex-lingere seller turned bounty hunter. Not your typical bounty hunter because she keeps her gun in her cookie jar, and it usually doesn't have bullets.  Her partner is a 300 lb ex hooker name Lula who loves to wear spandex.  She has a an on again/off again boyfriend Joe, who is a cop. Then again there is the Hot Bounty Hunter Ranger who makes her knees knock.  I find myself laughing out loud while reading her books.  I usually get them on audio and stitch while I listen.   My husband just looks at me like I am crazy while I am reading this series.

The second Evanovich Book I read was The Husband List.  This was not a typical book from her.  It was set in 1894 in New York City.  Caroline Maxwell is a society girl who wants nothing more than to go to college, study, travel , however she has to follow her mothers wishes to marry a high in society.  Her mother has her eyes set on a duke from England!  Caroline has no desire for this, she likes Jack, her brothers best friend.  

I really enjoyed this book once I realized what was going on in it. But that was my mistake, you see when I first read the year, I read 1984 instead of I couldn't understand why they were traveling by ship to Paris, traveling by horse and buggy, plus receiving telegrams.  Once I figured out what I had was GREAT!  The store was excellent, the clothes they were sounded beautiful.  I recommend it.


Berly said...

Notorious Nineteen was awesome! I'll have to give the other one a try! I'm reading Jennifer Chiaverini's new one 'Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker' right now.

SoCal Debbie said...

Thank you for the book recommendations. I have added this author's name to my list.