Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Adventure in my life

March specials!

As you know I LOVE Thirty-One products!!!!! In the past year I have had 3 parties and attended at least 5 more. To say I am obsessed is a slight exaggeration!!!  I finally decided to do something positive in my life!  I have become a Thirty-One Consultant!!!  I am  little anxious, nervous and very excited!

I hate pushy sales people....that is the one thing I was concerned about. You know those people I am talking about, they continually call you, email you about buying something??  They annoy me.  So I am not going to be a pushy salesperson. I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or pressured.  I know several of my friends do NOT have a facebook account, will never have a facebook account so with them in mind I created a special Yahoo Group.

Vickie's Totes and More

This group will just be me posting the new sales for the months.  If you want to host an online party, catalog party or just order something that is great!  If you want to lurk, look and drool, that is fine too!

I plan to hold a stitching retreat on the weekend of March 21-23 as my Introduction to Thirty-One.  There will be stitching prizes and a Thirty-one prize.  I will have plenty of stitching games and it is a drop in retreat.   If you find something that you would like to purchase that would be awesome!  If you don't then that is fine too!   


Berly said...

I so wish you lots of success with this!!

Faith... said...

Good luck Vickie! These bags are addictive ;) My daughter's friend sells them and constantly has a new bag every time we see her and that makes my daughter just have to have it too!

Vicky L said...

Good luck!