Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sistine chapel and other whatnots

Wow!  What a week!  We had to go to school on Saturday this week due to all the days we missed for snow.  We have missed a total of 13 days so far!  We have made up 3 of the days by coming to school on 2 holidays and now a Saturday.   We have 10 more days to make up as of right now we will be going until the middle of June sigh....  

I finished a page on Sistine Chapel and I have put it up.  I love the piece but I need a break from it.  I am just not enjoying working on it.  I find ways to avoid stitching because I see it there.  So today I cut fabric, gathered floss for all 20 Disney ornaments I need to stitch up.  I am going to work on small projects for a while....isn't that shocking????

Here it is, Sistine chapel, all packed away in its very own Thirty One bag!  This is the Super Organizing Tote which is on sale right now for 50% off!!!!  You can join my Thirty One Stitching group or my Thirty one Facebook group.   Both are closed groups where I just tell you about what specials are going on with Thirty-One.  You don't have to buy, you can just be inspired!!!

Back of Super Organizing Tote

Front of Super Organizing Tote
 It started sleeting and snowing today so I spent the day in my sewing room working on embroidery quilt blocks.  Just a couple more to go before I can put this quilt together!  

Love this teacup design!

This coffee grinder and cup is really cute too!!

So I bought new twistable colored pencils to use with my stitching My highlighters were going out so I decided to try these because they look like so much fun!   Would you count them as Stash? Since I am in the Stitch from Stash group....would you count this against my monthly budget???

Yal'll have a great week!  


Faith... said...

Sistine Chapel looks great Vickie but I can understand getting tired of it and putting it down for a while. I am sure you will long to pick it up soon.

School on Saturday stinks but it is way better than going late into the summer break. This has been a crazy weather year!

Look forward to seeing your ornaments - did you keep your tree up after Christmas like you were thinking of doing?

Keebles said...

I know how you feel with getting bogged down by a project...I feel that way about Summer Ball. I want to finish it, but I can't stand stitching on it anymore.

I'm so glad that we missed the snow and ice this time! I don't think I could have taken more of it!

Let us know how the crayons work...I use the liquid highlighters and they barely last two pages.

Linda said...

Congratulations on finishing another page on the Chapel. I understand about getting tired of working on the same project. I use to be a one at a time stitcher. When I got tired of working on it, sometimes I wouldn't stitch for months.

Please tell me what Disney ornaments and from what publication you kitted up the 20 ornaments. I so love Disney. I just finished Thomas Kinkade Cinderella jigsaw puzzle.


Katie Haskins said...

Looking good. I never had to go to school on Saturday, but we always went to the last week in June. Even without snow days. I loved when I went to college and got out an entire month earlier.

Berly said...

Sistine Chapel is coming along wonderfully!! I love the quilt blocks. I might have to have you do a table cloth for me in coffee & tea designs.

Barb said...

Vickie I love your Sistine Chapel but I think you have just got to accept it is a long term pick up ,put away ,pick up again project. We have all had them or even got them lol.
Lots of Ornies to see coming along so at least you will still be keeping us entertained.
Take care ,all that snow brrr, we have a grey overcast day ,rain forecast later.

Jo said...

Sistine looks great but I can see why you're feeling a little fed up with it. I usually have a month where i'll put away my BAP and work on something else, gives me a break and I go back all fresh.