Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014 and a GIVE AWAY!!!!

It is really hard to believe that today is the last day of 2014 and to think, I was sitting on Main Street of Magic Kingdom this time last year.   I had one stitching goal last year and that was to spend the year working on Sistine Chapel...well..that went in the toilet since I cut up the project and called it quits!  I think this year I want to work on my HAED - Faery Tales and my Disney design - Preening Pixie.  That's it....not a lot of goals!.

I have to give a shout out to Faith over at Faithfully Stitching.   I used to read blogs all the time because blogger had a feature that showed all the new posts in one spot.  When they took it away, I got really bad about checking others blogs. Faith published a post on Facebook and it when I popped over, I saw she had a button called Bloglovin'!  I clicked it and it is just like the blogger feature!!!  I signed up immediately, found some friends blogs and now I get a daily email telling me who has posted!!!  I can go there and read them!!  It is awesome!!!!!

Faery tales Progress as of 12-31-14

Here is my beanstalk that I have been working on this Christmas break...I love how the colors are changing on the bottom...

My new Planners for the year.  The black one is my stitching journal for the year and the red polka dots is my personal calendar.  A personal goal I have is to stop eating out every meal.  So I hope to keep track of where my money is going.  I actually have 3 is for my Thirty one business!   

My DH has excellent taste in jewelry.  This is my Christmas present.

Hosted my ladies tea with my Cross Stitch is my China.  I LOVE IT!


The boys loved Christmas morning!  We can't buy them chew toys or bones anymore because they will fight over them and it isn't pretty...but they love boxes and paper!

Gibbs new trick when he thinks you aren't paying him attention.  He jumps on arm of chair and starts staring. He doesn't stop until you stop what you are doing and love on him.

Tusk on the other hand give you this look....

This is me with my Brother, Grandpa, Sister and Dad.


Giveaway!!!!  Brand new Magazines!!  I bought them and realized I already own them!!!  UGH!!!  so I am giving them away.   There is a 2012 Christmas Ornament preview issue, 2012 Annual Halloween issue, and July 2008 Cross stitcher and Needlework.  To enter...leave your name, and email or blog address so  I can get in contact with you.   Tell me which one you would like to win.  I will pick 3 winners!  Send your friends if you want!  I will pick a winner on Sunday, January 4th.  


Caitlin D said...

I know that look well, I get the same one from my dogs. Glad to see you had such a nice holiday. The stitching journal is so cute!
I look forward to following your progress this coming year.

Meari said...

Yep, Bloglovin is great! I've used it for years... ever since Google Reader went away.

Cute planners. So you! :)

I'd be interested in the ornament issue.

That's a great photo of you and your family members. Love the ring!

Happy New Year!!

Meari said...

P.S. Great stitching. It looks like you don't have much to go on it.

Anonymous said...

Jack's bean stalk is looking great. Love the ring. Hubby does have great taste. I am planning on writing up my stitching goals soon. Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Betty in AZ

Heather said...

Aww your boys are adorable I love labs they're what I grew up with. Great ring too and of course I'm loving your progress on faery tales. I'll stay out of this giveaway good luck to the participants!

Donna Pheneger said...

I'll have to check out bloglovin' - didn't know about it!
I love your Disney project and look forward to your progress.
Congrats on a beautiful ring!
Thank you for offering the magazines - if picked, I'd like the JCS Ornament issues or the Cross-stich and needlework magazine. Blessings, Donna

Virpi said...

Lovely stitching! That ring looks really pretty. I would like to participate into the draw and I'm interested about the Cross-stitch and needlework.

Lija Broka said...

Good luck on your 2015 goal! Seems like me ... I recently bought a book I already had, and I am sure I still have 2 copies of a Linkin Park cd back up North. I won't enter this time (as hem an entire bookcase full of magazines is making feel guilty as it is - mind not all cross stitch). Book hope you will fins a nice home for them.

Berly said...

I love it all!! Bloglovin' is great! I've been using it for quite awhile now. I thought you already knew about it!

Melody said...

I have been using Bloglovin since google reader went away. Your ring is beautiful! I would be interested in being in your drawing for the magazines. I think I would like the preview ornament issue the best.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Nice progress on Faery Tales Vickie. What a beautiful ring. Love the pic of the family. The dog picks are too cute.


Angela P said...

Love your Disney projects and I LOVE that ring :) Happy New Year! Oh, I love your blog background too ;)

Faith... said...

Glad you found the Bloglovin button! It makes life a bit easier; but I still miss the Google Reader.

That is a BEAUTIFUL Christmas present, your DH did good.