Sunday, December 7, 2014

Faery tales and New bags!!!

I can't believe that is it December. Where does the time go???  Since I decided to stop working on Sistine chapel and I am still feeling great about that decision. (see below for more)  I have been working on my HAED -Faery Tales.  This design  is 40 pages and it is fun to stitch.  I am a weird Haed stitcher because I don't stitch the pages in order...I stitch the first page -first row....then first page -second row and so forth.  

Sistine Chapel - I had several comments that I should put it up and would get back to it later..others told me they were glad for me and the last group said I should finish it anyway.   I have to say..I like my cross stitch patterns to go in order and not have to try and fix thing.  This patterns was way to confusing so I am happy with my decision!  Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Check out my new purse!!!!   Isn't it amazing????  I did a little Christmas shopping for my family this year from Thirty-One and bought myself a couple of presents....the first was this new Canvas Crew bag in pink!!!!  I decided to personalize mine!!!
 I also bought myself a new Large Utility tote in Sketchy Dot purple...Can you guess how I am going to use it???  I love it!!!!!  If you are in need of a new stitching bag...let me know!  I can help you out!!!!


Berly said...

Faerie Tale is coming along beautifully!! Great decision on Sistine Chapel.

Anonymous said...

Faerie Tale is looking great!!! Love the bags. Enjoy them.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Katie said...

Beautiful progress. As long as you are happy with your decision that's all that matters. Stitching is supposed to be fun.

Keebles said...

Have to reiterate what Katie what makes YOU happy! Faery Tales looks amazing! I've got his Shakespearean Fantasy in my stash to do one day, but your work on this one is making me want to start it!

Caitlin D said...

Glad you're happy with the decision. :-) The bags are lovely and Faery Tales is coming along beautifully.

Linda said...

Wow Vickie. You have made fantastic progress on Faery Tales in 6 days. I would love to stitch that one, but on 14ct it would be ginormous. Love the bags.