Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Faery Tales Update and a More New Stash!

I am going to try and make myself give weekly updates on my stitching.  This week I worked on Faery Tales.  This was a bad stitching week.  I was so tired that I was only ale to put in 500 stitches. Hopefully this week will be a better stitching week.

So I got the bright idea that I would use the grid in my EC Planner for motivation to work on Faery tales. I thought every time I finished a 10 x 10 grid I would color in the square so I could see how much progress I was making.  The joke was on me....after doing the math (math teacher here) I realized I have so many blocks left, it would take up 1.5 pages of my planner!!!!  I may still do it....It would be nice to color in a grid to show progress....

New Stash!!!!
I have to stay off my Facebook stash sell groups!!!  They are really hurting my wallet!!  Here is what I have ordered in the past 2 months: 

I have become obsessed with Mirabilia designs!  I have just decided I need to collect them!   If you look at the top of my blog I have even made a wishlist of all the ones I want!!!!

Summer and Spring Queens

Christmas Elegance and Rose Arbor

Christmas in London
I just LOVE this one!!!!

Opinions needed:

I am thinking of stitching these ornaments on one piece of fabric in a vertical format.  I haven't decided if I want t leave them in a circle format.  I have thought of adding a square border so they will stack on top of each other....Opinions???


Tiffstitch said...

Nice update and stash. You could leave the ornaments circular and still have them in a vertical orientation, maybe stitch a circle around them in a colour that works for all of them so they appear more finished? Sort of like a frame.

Beth in IL said...

Like your new stash and the update. 500 stitches on one piece would be a lot for me! I do like the grid idea, especially since I am at the beginning of a large HAED design.

Linda said...

Nice progress on Faery Tales Vickie. I love your new stash. Those are way to much for me. I just like making little x's. The ornaments would look great either way.


Keebles said...

It would be interesting, but I think rather difficult to adjust additional stitches around the edges to form a square, but if anyone could do it, you could!

I have one Mirabilia myself, but I am TERRIFIED to stitch it! all that beading...ugh!

Meari said...

Ah ha! Lots of stashing!! I saw on the FB groups you were "Me Please"-ing several Miras. LOL

Why not color a square? It's only 1 1/2 pages? I say go for it.

Heather said...

I think that's a great idea for the ornaments :). You could do a square border with a cool geometric pattern in between (as a math teacher it'd be fun ;)). Great designs and progress :)

Jo said...

Love the stitching, I've a couple of Mirabilia and L&L projects in my stash but seem to be drawn to stitching on my HAEDs most of the time. They'll be there waiting for me when I want something a little less intensive.