Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Overdue Stitching update and new stash!!!!

Let me just say this is the school year from HADES and I am not sure it will never end!!!!   I love teaching..I love my is the crazy adults I could do without!  It seems everyday there is one more thing added to my list and I can feel myself wearing down again.

This week I spent time on my Preening Pixie design...I have finished the detail work on the left side of the mirror and now working on the mirror itself.

UFO Stitching update:  I have 3 HAEDS that are UFO"s. The oldest is Faery tales that was started in 2007,  Winter piece - 2009 and Hot Air Balloon is 2013

Faery tales update!!!   I can't believe I haven't posted this but I finished page 20 of Faery Tales!!!!!  I have exactly 20 pages to go!!!

Close up of page 20

Hot Air Balloon Santa: This quarters HAED Challenge was to stitch an entire page cross country.  Which means you start one color...stitch all of that one color on the page. Once that color is done move to the next color stitch all that color.   I took the challenge head on and I learned one thing..I DO NOT like cross country stitching!!!!  I couldn't handle leaving all the spaces...I wanted to fill them in!!!  But I finished the 2nd page on my Hot Air Balloon Santa

A Wintery Heirloom:  This is supposed to be my Friday night stitching piece but I have been very bad these past few Fridays  I wanted to finish my challenge piece and I was just loving my Tinkerbell piece that I have avoided it!!!!  
As you cans see...I don't have much stitched on it.  The trees are coming in nicely.  Trees are the reason this piece became a UFO.  They cause so much confetti stitching that it drives me a little nuts

My mom and I went to Little Rock this weekend to see Disney on Ice- Frozen.  We had a wonderful time!!   We stopped off at Stitchers Garden in Conway for me to play in a cross stitch store.  I had way too much fun!!!

I bought myself 3 Mirabillas, fabric for one and a Lavender and Lace.  They had the fabric for the Lavender and Lace in stock however I really did not like it!!!!!  It was just too much!!!!    The chart is called Evangeline and it is for the Katrina Victims.  

Not to make you jealous but I did get this Passione Ricamo Christmas design for 1/2 of 1/2!!!!!

I found some fabric on Picture this Plus that I think will work  better....  This is called Haunted.  I think it is would pop.  The decision is to I get it with sparkles or without?????   

 I just LOVE these two designs....the one on the Right is titled Elizabeth and for some reason she just speaks to me!  I love it!

I found this one - Ella- Princess and the Frog design which drew my eye.  I looked in the fabric section and found this Picture this Plus Joblean - called Baroque fabric.   I thought...hmmm...pulled up the pattern viewer to see what it looked like....

This is what it showed:

I just knew this had to be my fabric!!!!!! Doesn't it just pop!!!!!  

I have a lot more new stash......I have been very, very bad these past two months.  I have been stress shopping!  I admit it...Work has been so crazy that  I have shopped.  Here is a few of my new charts
There are  alot more that I have bought...but I will save those for another post...

Nenidesigns  from Etsy had a huge sale.  Buy 10 charts for $10.  I am not sure how you feel about Etsy charts but I like them.  I probably will never stitch them but they make me happy...


Tiffstitch said...

Wow! Congrats on finishing more work on your HAEDs, and Tinkerbell is gorgeous! I hope things settle down soon, or at least summer vacation is coming up quickly.

Heather said...

Beautiful progress on everything! I love the Hot Air Balloon Santa. It's too bad it's retired. I love all of your new charts too!

Faith... said...

Everything looks great Vickie!

Don't worry this school year is almost OVER! Great stash shopping, you got a bunch of great charts. Silly me, I followed your Etsy link and just spent the last half hour "shopping" for new things I need. Personally I love Etsy charts because I prefer the pdf charts so I can stitch right from my laptop instead of having all this paper all over the place! LOL

Dianne said...

The fabric "haunted" is beautiful. So are your new patterns.

Laura said...

Love Tinkerbell and all your stash. I am doing the HAED challenge too and HATE cross country stitching. I never want to do that again.

Angela said...

Beautiful progress on your projects. Great new stash too! My Mom just finished Elizabeth and she is absolutely gorgeous. I might add it to my next blog post.

Keebles said...

I'm the same way with Etsy patterns...I buy a ton, but whether or not I ever get around to stitching them is an entirely different story!

Meari said...

Holy Schmoley! That's a lotta stashing, girl! I have The Frog Princess, too. All kitted up and ready to stitch.

Linda said...

Awesome progress on all of your projects Vickie. I have the floss for the Disneyland Map and am so ready to start it.


Linda said...

PS Love all your new stash.