Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Starts and a crazy insane plan!

It feels weird to not be posting every day!!  I decided to do one more Halloween start just because I love the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney so I thought I would stitch a Mill Hill Haunted mansion. I worked some on it this week but I have to admit something.  I am hooked on 3 video games on my Ipad/Iphone.  The first is Disney Magic Kingdom where you build your own magic kingdom. Second,  Disney Tsum Tsums where you make chains of Disney Characters and finally Disney Emjoi where when you unlock a character you have a Disney emjoi for your phone text messages.   

I realized something..I am so addicted that it is interferring with my Stitching so I am having to limit my time on these two games.  I just stopped cold turkey the Emjoi one because this is one I was spending so much time on.  I had to stop!!!  

Can you please send up good thoughts for little Tiger Lily?  She is spayed on Tuesday and declawed.   I didn't want to declaw her but she won't let me hold her to clip her nails or put the little caps on here.  I pick her up and she does everything she can to get down.  I blame this because she was abandoned when she was little and never shown love.  She will just now sleep by me when I put favorite blanket on me. 
On to stitching!!!!

Here is my 2nd start this week.  This chart has been in my stash for 2 years and I finally the heck with it I am going to start it.  It is called: An Afternoon Embroidering.  The chart is only 98 pages ...that is all
Here is my first 100 stitches...most of these stitches are blended.  There are 1 page of blended threads!!!!

I put in 400 stitches in A Wintery Heirloom...I really hate trees!!!!!

I sat down this weekend and went through my charts, magazines, kits and planned out all 52 new starts for next year.  Then I realized I forgot to add in my Disney Dreams I am going to start a new Disney Dreams kit on the 5th of every month in honor of Walt Disney Birthday.  I am going to stitch them in order of the movie release so the first one in January will be Snow White.

I have created a google spreadsheet with all the projects names, stitchcount, percentage stitched and pages.  I am a nerd...I love seeing the numbers.

Here is my stitching plan:  I am going to start a new project every Monday from now until January 2018.   I am only going to spend about a 30 to 60 minutes on this project each Monday.  Then the rest of the day will be on a SAL piece which will probably be my Brookes Books Dress up SAL.   Tuesday/Wednesday  and  Thursday/Friday will be a different WIP. Saturday and Sunday will be two different projects that have at least 100,000 stitches in the project.- A HAED, My Golden Kite..etc.

Here are my projects this week:

New start on Monday:  Santas Workshop by the Disney Catalog and will be stitched on white opalescent.  This was an EBAY find.  I have told a friend she can borrow the chart when I am finished.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Princess Grace - I will be working on the Vase Base and Pillars.

Thursday/Friday:  Witch One - Hopefully I can finish a couple of these pieces.

Saturday:  I am digging out Faery Tales - I took a month off so hopefully I will enjoy stitching it again.   I will be at the bottom near the giant Goldfish.

Sunday:  I am starting Winter Wonderland.  I planned to start it this year but I have just never got around to it....This was a Christmas present from my sister.

This is my stitch plan for the week!!!  Let's see what can happen!!


Tiffstitch said...

Great ideas for your new starts to keep things interesting. I like your new starts too, and nice stash on the Disney one! I find Facebook games do the same, they limit my stitching time, so I try not to play them often.

Laura said...

I love the Golden Kite project and I may have to purchase it. I have looked at it for a good while now and you are inspiring me. You have quite an ambitious plan and I am also thinking of the new start a week in the new year. I can't wait to see all of your progress. I would love for you to follow my blog on my progress.

Linda said...

Sending hugs and happy thoughts to Tiger Lily. I love all of stitching projects Vickie. I have tried a rotation many times and I just cannot stick to one no matter how hard I try. I sure hope that I'm the friend that gets to borrow the Disney chart when your done.


Astrids dragon said...

Oh wow, you've got plenty to keep you busy and they all look great! Put away the games and get stitching! 😉

Keebles said...

One of the many excuses I have for not stitching right now is because I'm obsessed with both the Disney Puzzles app and Marvel Tsum Tsums. I can't stop either when I start them!

Kaisievic said...

Oh, my goodness, you are going to be so very organised and such gorgeous designs - what fun you are going to have.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh my, those are a lot of new starts planned :D I am looking forward to see that! =)
I love you Mill Hill start and the GK one (I am starting my first GK next year, it's 220 pages!!)

Great work on Winter Heirloom, remember that every stitch counts! ;-)

I really love Princess Grace, the colors in her dress are soooo beautiful =)

Heather said...

That's a lot of projects!