Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 31

Is the month finally over???  I have to say that I have LOVED stitching a new project everyday but it has also made me a little stressed!!!   Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this little adventure.  I had my one trick or treater this year and now my left over candy is in the freezer.   One teacher at my school has been bringing her little to my house since he was born!   He is my only one!!  I live in a retirement community and in the country so...there you go.

I thought about a new start every day in December and I am still mulling it over because I have the entire Mill Hill Christmas Villages I would like to start and I already have the fabric cut.  I do not like perforated paper so I am stitching them on sparkly fabric.   I am thinking on let me know what you think.

I told you Saturday night I went through my is a portion of what I went through:

Halloween Stitching Day 31:    Halloween Night by Mill Hill  hand-dyed fabric by me:

to be honest...I have no idea what this is but it is the part above the cats head.

Halloween appropriate!!!!!

I have 3 more Mill Hill Halloween kits I am going to start this week...just because they need to be started!


Cath said...

Thank you for sharing your month of starts. I've enjoyed seeing them every day . You are braver than me ,lol. It would drive me crazy to have so many on the go at once.

Mii Stitch said...

I have loved the idea of a start a day for October, and all related to Halloween, of course! I would have loved to join you but I know this frustrate me. I love new starts but I don't want to put the project away at the end of the day to start all over on the next day :)
Your idea for December sounds crazy too, but I like it!! Go for it! I would too swap the paper for fabric, definitely!

Laura said...

I have loved reading your daily posts about all of your Halloween starts.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Yay for another Mill Hill kit =) I would love to see your Christmas village ones stitched =) I did get any of those so far (I seem to be busy collecting more Santas than I can stich) and would love to see them =) I'm looking forward to see your other Mill Hills for Halloween =)

Tiffstitch said...

Excellent work on your new starts! If you go for it, I can definitely stitch on Xmas related projects all month, although I can't do all new starts. Possibly a few... ;)

Linda said...

I love all of your Halloween starts Vickie. Hard to pick a favorite. I do hope you do Christmas starts in December.


OhSewCrafty said...

I wanted to thank you for the info about the Judith Kirby charts- I called the LNS on Oct 31 and was able to do mail order. As for the MH Xmas villages- I am planning to start them next year. Will stitch 12 together on 28 count stormy grey lugana.

Heather said...

Great start!