Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Finish!!

I finished Color Outside the Lines today. It was in my big box of projects that were put aside because of my models. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet...maybe put it in my classroom...who knows!!

Sonic had their rootbeer floats for FREE tonight!!! I loaded up Brigen around 10.30 pm and we went and got a float! The place was packed every little slot was full and people were laughing, mingling and drinking floats!

Today was my first official day of summer break. It was a busy one. I drove up to lowes and picked up 60 bags of rocks. I did finish my rock garden today. Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, I will start working on the other side. I hope to finish them by next week....

Tonight I am working on my friends wedding Sampler.


Meari said...

That's an interesting design -- So colorful! Mmmm... rootbeer floats. Yummy.

Stitchingnow said...

I love that design. Very colorfull and cute..