Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Small Finish Exchange project

Look at the cute little towel that Vicky L sent me for the Small Finish Exchange.

I was a good wife today. I actually made homemade brownies for my husband and took them to his office. They actually ate all of them I guess I will have to make something else.

I went to Office Depot today and made working copies of my HAED project, Mystic Project, Harvest Sampler and Inspiration. Inspiration is a 30 page sampler chart from Rosewood Manor. I need to decide on what fabric I will be using but I can't wait to stitch it!!!

Off to watch murder she wrote and to stitch on my Cinderella Piece some more. I am working my projects in a 4 day rotation..then after I go through the rotation 2 times, I will add a project at the end after each full rotation. I have so many new charts I want to stitch. This is the only way to get things finished!!


Shari said...

cute towel finish from one Vicky to another Vickie!!
Homemade brownies! You did good!!! I am sure they enjoyed them!!
Glad you are getting your stitching in order!!!

Katie said...

Wow Vicky did a cute job. The brownies sound yummy. Good Luck on your HAED. I can't wait to see your progress. I like your idea about the rotation.

~Kim~ said...

Bless your heart.. gosh I still can hear you saying that! Cant wait to see your HAED, MP, HS, and Inspirations GROW!! And of course hear all about the model stitching in between. Keep up the great work!!


Marta said...

Oh the towel is so cute!