Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Frog Award

Just wanted to show off the award I won at the retreat. It is my Frogging Award....since I was the one who did the most frogging!!!

Today was a good stitchign day...worked about 2 1/2 hours on the Blanket, and then worked on my new model for the entire movie of Sense and Sensibility. After that...started watching Murder she wrote while stitching on Cinderella by Mirabillia....but saw a Sonic Commerical and I decided to go get a rootbeer float!!

So the dogs and I went to Sonic...they got ice cream and I got my float. One of my students was working and he just laughed when he saw me feeding ice cream to the dogs!!

Off to finish watching murder she wrote while stitching on Cinderella!


Shari said...

hey Vickie! I needed that frog last night! I was working on the border of my model & had to rip so much of it out!! If you remember what it looks like, you know what I mean!!
I have never been to Sonic, but I hear that they are wonderful! A rootbeer float sounds great!!!

~Kim~ said...

You do a wonderful picture with that frog!! Hope it has kept the real frog away!!

Im so jealous of your stitching time, stitch in honor of me tomorrow, kidding.. he he

Ice cream ... yummy!!