Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp Week

What a week!!! I spent all week in classes at the Coop learning how to be a mentor to new teachers. It was very informative and I actually enjoyed being at this workshop.

On Saturday, I went to Camp Stitch 2007 at my LNS- The Busy Needle! OH MY!! We had so much fun. I met Debbie Draper and took a class from her. Mary from Ozark Samplers was there and she taught a class using different fibers, large count cloth and a new finishing technique. We got lots of goodies in our goodie bags and I did a lot of shopping. I had over $60.00 in GC to use so I used them up...I think I spent a total of $3.15 and recieved tons of charts!

Not much stitching to show off...this week I worked on Eeyore and my model, but there are no photos of those. I am showing off Dog Wisdom and Tea and Cookies. I did have a small finish but I can't show that yet because I have to mail it to the person first...then I can show it off!


Katie said...

Just wanted to say a Quick Wohoo. I know you are working hard on your model. I know how hard it is not to show it off. So I'm sure you deserve a Wohoo. Keep it up Girlie.

Shari said...

what a wonderful day you had at camp! WOW!!! You made quite a haul!!!! Keep up the great work on your model!!! keep pressing on on the eeyore!! You can do it!!!