Monday, July 16, 2007

The Last Seven - I was Tagged

I was tagged by Kimto list my "Last Seven" So here it goes...

1. Last dollar I spent: $25.00 at Allens grocery store yesterday...I bought us T-Bones for supper along with some other groceries.

2. Last time I ate fast food: On Saturday...I ate it twice- Chick-fil-a sandwich and then Geno's pizza for dinner.

3. Last thing I ate: crackers and cheese from a can

4. Last song I sang to: My 80's Cd- all of them--Mickey, Girls just wanna have fun...

5. Last time I bought clothes: Last month, I bought some new shorts and tee shirts for summer

6. Last time I felt envy: Today...I was listening to a friend tell me about her cruise and I want to go on one.

7. Last time I paid bills: This weekend...had to pay the car payment and student loan.

Not sure who I tag just yet...but I will be tagging someone soon!!!!!

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