Sunday, July 1, 2007

WIP update

Sunday...a day of reflection and showing off stitching work for the week!!! It has been a very lazy day...I went and did grocery shopping for the week. Mark and I have started a new diet. We are just watching our calories. I need to lose about 10 lbs and Mark a little more. We are having a disagreement on what his ideal weight should be! LOL!!

I have moved my photos over to snapfish and now I am trying to figure it out. It seems I have alot of photos that weren't added when Yahoo made the decision to quit their photo section!!

I kept to my rotation this week. I worked on my model everyday for 2 hours, well except for Friday... and on Eeyore almost every weekday..Just couldn't work on it this weekend. I worked on Cinderella and on Harvest Crops from an older magazine. This piece is for a coworker. She asked if I could stitch it and befinished by Christmas...The pattern, is so small that I actually had to go buy a magnifiying glass just to see all the symbols!!! I guess I am getting old!! LOL!!


Shari said...

everything looks great Vickie!!! Even thou Eeyore is stamped, he is going to be adorable!!!!
Good luck on the diet! We could all use one here as well!!
Keep up the great job!!!!

Katie said...

Everything looks fantastic. Keep up the great work.