Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prize in the mail

I got the coolest prize in the mail this weekend!!!! My Stitch it Quick group had a coaster exchange and this is what she sent me:

1) coaster (since this was the exchange) -snowman on lime green fabric...which is very pretty
2)28 count carnation pink fabric
3) Lizzie Kate Boxer - Summer cottage
4) Mill Hill Button Beads - Christmas village
5) Down sunhine lane Gold wreath and hearts
6) Hinzeit -Santa Claus

I LOVED everything!!! I was so shocked when I opened this package.....I was showing Mark and all he just laughed. He doesn't understand us stitching girls!!!! Aren't I a lucky stitcher!!!!

1 comment:

Shari said...

wow, what a great exchange you got!!!! The stitched piece is adorable & the other gifts are awesome!