Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2007. When looking back it has been a great year for all of us. Mark and I celebrated our first year of marriage and have had some very good times this year. We were able to take several small trips and see different things.

I had a very good stitching year. I need to go count how many finishes I had this year...maybe I will do that tomorrow. Plus I just finished page 6 of my Tiger...only 10 more pages to go!!!! Picture on the Right!!

For 2008, I have set the following stitching goals:
I want to finish: Eye of Tiger, Cherokee Child, Augusta 13th hole, Inspirations. Plus I would like to stitch at least 12 of my disney ornamnets and finish my 2006 Kats by Kelly that was started in a Round Robin in one of my groups. I hope to stitch other small projects as the year goes on too. Maybe I will finish one of my 10 UFOS!! My percentages is for the Huge projects not the smaller ones...since those are so quick to do...I really don't put those on my list.

Stitches left to stitch: 205, 386
Percentage complete: 18.9%

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Mylene said...

Happy New Year, Vickie!!