Saturday, January 3, 2009

First part of Mystery SAL complete!

Last night I worked on my Ozark Sampler 2009 Mystery SAL piece. I finished the first part of it. I decided to take the challenge and stitch it on the 20 count bright yellow and antique white piece of fabric. The frog did visit a time or two but I finally got him moved out of the house!!!

Today I stitched an hour on Historical Fashions and then I spent the rest of day on my Stoney Creek Neighborhood RR piece. I gridded the entire piece today. I am happy to say the piece is not gridded and ready to be stitched.

Mark and I are still watching Lulu the bulldog. She spent the day with Mark in the living room. Now, she is spending the evening with me in the bedroom. She is just so cute!!!


Cindy F. said...

I was thinking the gridding probably took some time, but then I thought about how fast you stitch and decided it probably took you 5 minutes or less:)
Can't wait to see these two progress!

Chiloe said...

Frogs? better in your home than mine !!! lol glad they left you though !!!

Debra said...

Nice start! Lulu!!! I remember her.
Debra in Indiana