Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day!!!

I had a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning!!!! Snow was falling and the TV person said "No School" Talk about exciting. I made myself a nice hot chocolate and played my Wii for a bit. I have a hidden pictures game that I love. I then made a wonderful Potato soup, cleaned out a closet and found a whole box of fireworks left over from the last 2 or 3 fourth of July's. I started stitching later in the afternoon.

I am working on the 2nd couple of Historical Fashions. This one is moving along slower than the first couple not sure why. It could be that I only work on it an hour a day. I love this project. The colors look so fabulous together.

This is what I have been working on this week. It is my Happiest Celebration on Earth design. The last three days have been nothing but outlining and fireworks. Let me tell you, outlining this castle was a chore. Tinkerbell was pretty easy but her face was hard to stitch. It is really looking like Cinderellas castle though!!!


Shari said...

both are beautiful Vickie!!!! Love Cinderella's castle!!!
The Historical Fashions is the same designer as the baby sampler that I have coming in the mail!!!!

Chiloe said...

The costumes are beautiful: maybe there are more details in that one?

The fairy's face sure looks like a pain to stitch! Great job! !!!

Wendy said...

Very beautiful. I love the one with the castle. I'm a big disney fan and did do some cross stitching on disney to. Very nice!

Cindy F. said...

WOW!!!! I love both of these!
Beautiful stitching, colors and charts!

Meari said...

Both of your projects look great, Vickie. Any time you want snow, we have plenty up here!

Vicky L said...

Very beautiful stitching. I really like the costumes. Will I be able to borrow the pattern when you are done please?
Also, you have an award on my blog.

Debra said...

Great progress on both projects.
Debra in Indiana