Thursday, February 26, 2009

Augusta 13th hole and Historical Fashions

I finally pulled out my Augusta 13th hole from Mystic Stitch. I didn't get as much done it as I would have like but this section is nothing but confetti stitches. It was stop and go...stop and go. I don't like to work the patterns in the order I am supposed to. The pattern calls for me to work the pages in order but I like to work straight down in a column. Hopefully on the next rotation I will actually get to the golf course section and finally get out of those trees!!! Wonder if my husband ever feels that way when he plays golf..would rather be on the greens than the trees?

Can you believe I have spent 95.5 hours on Historical Fashions and I am only on couple 3- the Spanish Heerschappy 1550-1600..which is the spanish influence. The ladies outfit looks very uncomfortable and itchy. Hopefully I will have her stitched up by the end of March. I am hoping that by the cross stitch retreat in June I will have finished 6 of my couples....My goal is to be finished with this design by December.


Wendy said...

Great progress on your Mystic Stitch! It looks great already!

Cindy F. said...

Both look awesome girl!! You'll meet your're a fast stitcher!

Vicky L said...

Augusta is coming out great! The costumes looks good too. I know you will make your goal.

Debra said...

Keep at it Vickie! Are you bringing the Historical piece with you to the retreat?