Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flower Shop

What a dreary Easter!! It just poured rain all day long and it was so cold!!!! I came home from church, put on my jammies, turned on the space heater and stayed in my room stitching all day!! I have a small finish which is rather exciting!!! This is the first shop out of twelve in my Victorian Village. I am actually using this piece as a Round Robin piece. This round robin has 8 people, including myself, so there will be 4 other buildings to stitch. My friend Kim has volunteered to stitch one of the remaining four so that will mean I only have three other buildings to stitch on it, unless I can find other people to work on it!! I have had this design in my stash for a bit, I just never got around to stitching on it.

I picked up some beautiful blue fabric to stitch my Rainbow Row design from Barabra and Cheryl. I love this row of houses. I first saw it on Cindy's blog and just knew I needed that pattern!!!! I have about 18 or 19 projects started right now so I am going to get down to at least 12 before I start Rainbow Row and Winchester I guess I had better get to stitching!!!


Shari said...

that is beautiful Vickie! I love the colors of it!! Gee, where was this pattern at?!?!?! I may have to see if I have it.
So sorry to hear your Easter day was so dreary. The weather this spring has been so unusual.

Meari said...

That's really pretty, Vickie. Can't wait to see it with the other buildings.

~Kim~ said...

Congrats on your finish Vickie! Sorry I couldnt stay up with you last night to share in the happy dance. I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow last night.

Looking forward to seeing your little community grow.

Is it time to stitch Winchester house? KIDDING!!

Teresa's Stitching said...

Cute finish Vickie! I would love to see the pattern of Rainbow Row. I think I have that. It is in Charleston right?

Debra said...

It looks great.