Thursday, April 2, 2009

No stitching this week

This is just the week I don't feel like stitching. I come home from work and just want to sit in a chair. Tuesday was parent teacher conferences and out of 60 kids....not ONE parent showed. I just couldn't believe it!!!
Both of my dogs are sick. Mark had to take them to the vet this week. They have a cold. Tusk is sneezing so bad that we have been calling him sneezy. I know..not very orginal but it is terrible. I feel terrible for them because this is the medicine that doesn't really agree with Brigen. It makes him really thirsty and he starts to potty in the floor. The vet said she that this wasn't as strong as the last time so hopefully we won't be having as many accidents. The sad thing is that Brigen is just getting over an ear infection.
I have gotten hooked on watching the food channels Challenge show. I love it!!! They make these amazing cakes in just 7 hours. I started watching it when they were making disney cakes. Last week it was ultimate wedding cakes. I watched one today that was over nursery rhymes. These cakes they made weighed over 100 lbs!! They are just huge. It is just really cool to watch them make these beautiful cakes knowing that it is something I can never do!!!


Carissa said...

Vickie, I'm sorry none of your parents showed. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. My SIL teaches 5th grade and I know much work she puts into getting ready for conferences!

I don't know, maybe I'm one of the few parents who still things HS conferences are important, although this is my last year for those as my dd will be graduating in June and then I'll have 1 in elem and 2 in MS.

Hope you feel like stitching soon!

Fatema ( SL ) said...

Sorry to hear none of the parents turned up.
I hope your dgs get well soon.
Couple # 3 is looking nice.

Cindy F. said...

I can't believe no parents showed up!! And we wonder what is wrong with our children???
I am so sorry to hear about your doggies being sick:( I really hope they feel better soon. I know how I worry when ours is sick, and we only have one!
I LOVE the food channel! I bet you would make amazing cakes Vickie! You should take a class @ the local community college, if they teach it.
I hope you get your stitchy mojo back soon, but can understand needing breaks occassionally;)