Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stitching Update

Summer break is so close that I can almost taste it!! Wait? Can you taste a break??? Oh well, I think I can and that is all that matters! Tonight is prom so I will be going to that. I LOVE seeing all the kids dressed up. We always have so much fun!!
As most of you know, I work my stitching in a rotation method. I have several projects I haven't shown off in a while so I thought I might give a small update.

Lizzie Kate Boo Flip-its- My LNS has a monthly Boo-Club stitch along. We meet one Saturday a month to work on these. This week however, we had to meet on Thursday due to the fact that Sara will be out of town on Sat. since she is going to a needlecanvas market. I decided to stitch it on purple which means I have to change some of the threads around. That is the fun part!!!

Mirabillia's Cinderella: This is the project I keep in my car. I work on the borders while I am sitting in my car. Since it is just a straight is very easy. When I get to the corners I bring it in the house and work on that part while watching a movie. I on it in your car?? While I am sitting at a stoplight or at Sonic while waiting for my food to be delievered. Small times like that.

Stoney Creek Neighboorhood Afghan: Which I am stitching not as an afghan..but on a whole yard of weeks fabric. I was hoping to finish the bell and flagpole this time in my rotation but I didn't like the Glisson Gloss fiber it called I had to change that also!!! I am going to use a krenick grey cording. The school house is coming along.

HAED -A Wintery Heirloom: I am still on this blasted tree!!! I HATE this tree!!! I started this first page on January 2, 2009...and I am STILL ON IT!! Of course, I only work on this project on Fridays and for 3 hours at a time....but still....this is taking WAY to long! I think I am going to have to break down and only stitch on this until I finish this dang tree!!!! The next few pages are!! so that shouldn't take too long.


stitchinfiend said...

Your progress pics look great. That is a good idea to finish off the tree it will feel like you have accomplished something.

Cindy F. said...

So many pretties:)

Debra said...

I really like the house piece and the tree will be beautiful even if it is a pain.

Marta said...

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing

Nancy said...

You've always got some great projects going.